Submission Agreement

Please Read Carefully Before Submitting Work

By submitting your work for publication to Odet, its editors, Safety Harbor Writers & Poets, and Chapter Two Press (“Publisher”), you (“Author”) agree to the following:

1.  Author grants to Publisher the NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to print, publish,  and distribute your submitted Work, in whole or in part, in the English  language throughout the world.

2. Author grants to Publisher the  NON-EXCLUSIVE right to Electronic versions of the Work. (Electronic  versions shall be defined as online and digital reproductions and  displays of the verbatim text and illustrations of the Work, or  excerpts, in e-book form of Odet or for promotional purposes.  All other electronic book or audio recording rights, including  stand-alone publication rights,  are reserved by the Author.)

3.  These non-exclusive rights shall be granted to the Publisher for a  period of three (3) years from date of first publication, after which time  the agreement will automatically renew on an annual basis until such time Author or Publisher chooses to terminate the agreement.

4.  The Author vows that the Work is his/hers; that the Work will not  infringe upon the personal rights of or give rise to any claim by any  third party, including, without limitation, claims in defamation,  privacy, copyright, or trademark; and that the Author has the authority  to grant us the rights granted in this agreement. Publisher will have no  obligation to publish any part of the Work which in its opinion would  infringe upon such rights of any third party.

5. Other than  correcting minor typographical or punctuation errors, Publisher will  make no changes or alterations to the textual content of the Work  without the Author’s permission and will maintain a byline crediting  Author with the Work.

6. All rights to the Work not expressly  granted to Publisher will remain, always, with the Author. Publisher has  only the rights described in Paragraphs 1, 2, and 3.

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